ONACNY's ceremonies are shamanic and meditative in nature. All ceremonies areguided by medicine men and women authorized by our ONAC Mother Church. The shamanic journey mostly takes place overnight and is supported by mother Earth's powerful sacrament and the enchanting live music of Icaros, Native American chants, and heart-opening mantras.


The main sacred earth-base sacraments ONACNY offers to our community are Grandmother and Grandfather medicines of the Americas. The shamanic medicine ceremony is an inner journey that requires personal commitment, integrity and courage. The work of the sacred earth sacrament and the vibrational medicine music often induces deep personal introspection and releases life-long blockages. For those who undertake it with sincerity, determination and an open heart, the experience can initiate purification of the spirit, profound realization, transformation, and rebirth. 

The sacred earth-base medicine ceremonies we offer are available only to ONAC or ONAC branch members. Our ceremonial gatherings are scheduled under the Events page. For further information, please contact us regarding any questions. If you are interested in learning about ONACNY membership and participating in our events, please refer to our membership page.


The ceremony was a enlightened process like never before. I was amazed by the level of transformation that was achieved in the two days. For those who are on the path of spiritual quest, this is something you do not want to miss.

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