Sun Dancer 

Oil, acrylic, mixed media on Canvas,  24” x 24”

Wen-Chi 'Little Owl' (copyright 2015)

Medicine Art


    “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”  ~ Pablo Picasso

“Art is a form of nourishment (of consciousness, the spirit)” ~ Susan Sontag

“Art holds out the promise of inner wholeness,” ~ Alain de Botton

The 21st Century has seen a rise in spiritual practices as well as energetic changes. Along with the growth in these movements, shamanic ceremonies of indigenous sacred medicines have become a global phenomenon in recent years. With the spread of modern shamanism all over the world, the concept of spirituality is becoming increasingly important to various cultural discourses, including that of contemporary art and music. 


Today, many artists and musicians have been deeply inspired and transformed by the indigenous medicine journeys, and their work greatly reflects an expansion of consciousness and a very different worldview. Little Owl, the founder of ONACNY, being a visual artist and a musician herself, sees the importance of Art as not only the eternal spiritual expression of our community but inescapably as a product of its time. We created this platform not only to serve as a creative outlet for visual artists and musicians to share their own unique “medicine art & music” in this contemporary culture, but also to serve as a reminder of how far we have come remembering who we truly are as infinite spiritual beings having a temporary human experience. 


The purpose of this page is to showcase artwork of our community talents. ONACNY is not responsible for any communication, sales, or transactions between the artists and the collectors. If you are interest in connecting with any of the artists or purchasing their artwork, please contact the artists directly through the provided artist contact links.

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